Joy Morton Photographic Award Rules

Competition Rules

1. Entrants must be either a member of NZBA or of an associated club.

Online application forms are available via the NZBA or Convention website.

2. Competitors may enter a maximum of three trees.

3. Entries can be single tree of any style or group planting. Saikei or tray landscapes are excluded.

4. The winning bonsai may not be re-entered in this competition for a minimum of 5 years.

5. Online Entry Forms are to be received by the due date. A completed entry form must accompany each entry. Photographs to be submitted at the event normally on the Friday afternoon before the event.

6. Photographs to be A4 size. One photograph of the front of the tree is to be submitted.

7. The following information is required: –
Common name
Botanical name
Year created as a bonsai
Style of bonsai
Height of tree

This information and your name must be on the back of the photograph.

8. The applicant must certify that they have owned and trained the Bonsai for which this application is submitted for at least two years and they have taken the photograph within 12 months of the closing date stated for this competition. Digital editing is not permitted. Enhancement of the overall image by optimising brightness and contrast is acceptable.”

9. The photograph of the winning photograph may be retained by NZBA for promotional purposes. Other photographs may be returned if a self addressed stamped envelope is provided. Alternatively, these photographs may be collected at the end of the convention.

10. The photographs will be judged by a panel of Joy Morton (or nominee) and two judges nominated by the NZBA Committee. The decision of the judging panel is final.

11. The recipient of the trophy is responsible for delivering the trophy to the next annual convention for the awards ceremony. The recipient is also responsible for getting their own name engraved on the trophy in a similar style to those already on the trophy.

Closing date for entries for the 2019 National Show is 30th August 2019