Club Guides

The links here are to lecture notes / handouts which have been put together to give you ideas for talks within your club.

Please feel free to alter them for your own use. They are only guidelines.

The notes are in Microsoft Word format and the Slideshows in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Ideas for talks / trips / workshops for your club – useful when setting out your programme for the year Programme Ideas- Word
Notes on the types of tools we use Bonsai Tools – Word
Images to illustrate the talk on Bonsai Tools Image Files (compressed)
A PowerPoint slide show going through the process of how to choose a suitable pot for your bonsai. It includes a quiz on choosing a pot for a specific set of trees. It includes some annotations for the slides giving guidance on what to talk about. How To Choose A Pot For Your Tree – Powerpoint
Background notes on the history and meaning of Suiseki Suiseki – Word
A PowerPoint slide show looking at what, how, why and when should be feeding our trees. Feeding Regimes – Powerpoint
Handouts to go with the PowerPoint above Feeds (handouts) – Word
Notes on soil mixes (based on the Waikato Region) for you to modify to give to new members when talking about repotting. Soils (handouts) – Word

If you have notes you feel you could share with other clubs, requests for guidelins on a specific topic or suggestions for improvements to the ones we have listed here please email the webmaster