About NZBA

The New Zealand Bonsai Association provides a variety of services to its club and individual members

Quarterly Magazine

In 2009 the NZBA magazine ‘Bonsai Times’ was awarded a Silver Medal by the World Bonsai Friendship Federation in recognition of it being an outstanding publication. It is available in either black and white or full colour as part of your NZBA membership.
Past editions of Bonsai Times are available as downloads on this site. To stay up to date with the latest articles by receiving the Bonsai Times at home join the NZBA here


Currently there are 2 competitions at the National Convention as well as 4 trophies awarded to trees on display at the National Show and 2 for Suiseki – details can be found on the competitions page.

National Show

Alternating between North Island and South Island, the National Show brings together some of the best trees in New Zealand. The next National Show will be at the Hamilton Convention in 2019

National Convention

In conjunction with local clubs and alternating between North Island and South Island, the National Convention brings together members from around the country to see international demonstrators. Details on the 2019 National Convention are still being finalised but will be available at the Convention website.

Demonstrators list

A list of people from around the country willing to travel to clubs to give talks, demonstrations or run workshops. The list gives details on the specialties of each of the demonstrators so clubs can pick the most suitable demonstrator for their event.

Travel Grant

To help bring in demonstrators from around the country the NZBA has recently made available to clubs grants to help subsidise the travel costs of demonstrators. The application form is here.

Occaisional Assistance Programme

To help clubs with staging of events the NZBA has made available a programme of financial, material and organisational support. Details of the programme are here.

Club Programmes

There are a series of lecture notes and ideas for clubs to use here.