Emerging Talent Award Rules

The Koru Award for the NZBA Emerging Bonsai Artist is a competition to recognize and promote new bonsai talent in New Zealand.

Eligibility requirements

Any person who lives in New Zealand is eligible. They must be a current financial member of a club belonging to the NZBA or of the NZBA itself. THEY MUST NOT:

1. Be on the New Zealand National Demonstrators Register

2. Have previously been a demonstrator at a National Convention.

Online application forms are available via the NZBA or Convention website.

The Competition

Each contestant selected for the competition will:

1. Attend and pay their own travel and expenses to the National NZ Convention.

2. Be given a three (3) hour time period in which to style the material into a finished bonsai.

The contestants may choose to have refreshments etc. within this time at their own accord. The competitors will not be expected to remove the tree from its container or to re-pot it on
the day. The bonsai produced must be horticulturally sound and have a good chance of survival.

3. Furnish their own personal tools and turntable (if desired). Power tools are acceptable.

4. Be provided with pre-bonsai material and wire by the host club.

The competitors will draw lots to determine which tree they will receive.

5. The competitors may be asked to give a brief description of the work they have completed and their thoughts on the chosen style.

The competition will be open for public viewing immediately following the allocation of trees. No aid will be given to the competitors by any person. Any coaching of competitors, seen or heard, renders that competitor liable to be disqualified. The competition will remain open to public viewing for the duration of the time trees are being worked on

Following the competition, the trees will be judged and then publicly displayed.


Judging will take place with only the judges present. The judging panel will consist of 3 Judges; a major demonstrator at the Convention, and two designated by the NZBA Committee from the NZ Demonstrators Register.

The recipient of the trophy is responsible for engraving their name and date on the plaque and for delivering the trophy to the next convention for the Awards Ceremony.

Closing date for entries for the 2019 National Show is 19th July 2019