National Show Suiseki Competition Rules


Entrants must be either a member of NZBA or of an associated club.

Online application forms will be available via the NZBA or Convention website.


Division A is for stones of New Zealand origin

Division B is for stones from overseas


Mounted on a wooden Daiza, Suiban, or Doban – These can be mounted on a wooden stand

Accessories can be used in display, but must be included in photo at time of entry, along with the total size.


There are Certificates for the best three Suiseki in each category.

There is a limit of 3 Suiseki that any one person may enter in each class. A previous winning Suiseki may not be entered for a gap of 3 Conventions.

There are two trophys.

For the best Suiseki in Division A (New Zealand stones), a trophy, of New Zealand Obsidian, has been donated by Robert Langholm QSM and Simon Misdale of Bonsaiville.

For the best overall Suiseki , a trophy, of New Zealand Greenstone, has been donated by Lindsay Muirhead.

The recipients of the trophys are responsible for engraving their name and date on the plaque and for delivering the trophy to the next convention for the Awards Ceremony.

Also there may be available a BCI or WBFF award which would go the best overall Suiseki from either class.


Application forms must be received by the due date and be accompanied by a photograph including any display accessory. Applicants are responsible for delivering their Suiseki to the display area. Only applications submitted online will be accepted.

Closing date for entries for the 2019 National Show is 30th August 2019