NZBA Competitions

At each National Convention there are 6 awards given out by the NZBA

The next National Show is at the Hamilton Convention in October 2019

The Joy Morton Photographic Award

Joy Morton Photographic Award

Entrants submit a photograph of one of their trees for judging.

Past winners have been

2006 – Louis Buckingham

2007 – Les Simpson

2008 – Les Simpson

2009 – Louis Buckingham

2010 – Joyce Adams

2012 – Sean Heseltine

2014 – Sam Brierley

2015 – Peter Mudie

2016 – Martin Walters

2017 – Joy Morton


The Koru Award for Emerging Talent

Kory Award

Designed to help bring forward the next generation of bonsai demonstrators in New Zealand, entrants create a bonsai from raw material provided by the organisers within a time limit, and without assistance from outside.

The resulting trees are judged by a panel of experts and the winner is awarded the trophy, an invitation to join the NZBA Demonstrators List and the challenge of demonstrating at the next National Convention.

Past winners have been

2009 – Peter Mudie

2010 – Jan Letts

2014 – Sam Brierley

2015 – Wayne Gath

2016 – Mark Poulter

2017 – Adam Brook



Bob Langholm Suiseki Award

The Suiseki competition at the National Convention is divided into two categories, New Zealand Stones and Imported Stones.

There is a trophy for the Best NZ Stone donated by Bob Langholm.

2006 – Lindsay Muirhead

2007 – Wendy Gibb

2008 – Joyce Duncan

2009 – Lindsay Muirhead

2010 – Michael Adams

2012 – Ross Dixon

2014 – Lindsay Muirhead

2015 – Jan Simmons

2016 – Ross Dixon

2017 – Ross Dixon


National Show Awards

The National Show rotates between major shows in North Island and South Island where some of the best trees from around the country are on display.

Colin Churchil Trophy

Colin Churchill Trophy

First awarded in 2009, the Colin Churchill Trophy is awarded to the best tree in the National Show.

In 2009 it was awarded to an informal upright Black Beech, owned by Alan Van.

In 2014 it went to Poppie Engelbrecht for a White Olive (Buddleia saligna)

in 2015 it went to Lindsay Muirhead for a Pine

In 2016 it went to Martin Walters for a Mugo Pine

In 2017 it went to Marsgall Gray for a Chinese Elm group

Keith Lowe Trophy

Keith Lowe Trophy

First awarded in 2014, this trophy is awarded to the best New Zealand Native bonsai at the National Show.

In 2014 it went to Louise Macfaralane for a Kowhai Group Planting

in 2015 it went tpo Sandra Quintal for her Shohin display

In 2016 it went to Pene McApline for a Kowhai Group Planting

In 2017 it went to Marie Dunbar for a Golden Totara

Alan Van Trophy

Alan Van Trophy

First awarded in 2014, this tropy is awarded to the best tree / pot combination in recognition of Alan’s expertise not just as a bonsai artist but as a potter as well.

In 2014 it went to Sandra Quintal for a Shohin Corokia

in 2015 it went to Lindsay Muirheard for a Hornbeam

In 2016 it went to Sam Brierley for a Juniper

In 2017 it went ti Lindsay Muirhhead for a Chinese Elm


The Dianne Miller “Vision to Reality” Award

This award requires entrants to submit an illustrated history of one of their trees describing the development of the tree from its first beginnings through to the present day. Included in the essay are the reasons behind some of the design choices and what lessons have been learned from the development of the tree. As well as a certificate the winner receives a prize from the sponsor. This competition has now closed.

The winning essays can be found here

2005 – Jeff Richards

2006 – Louis Buckingham

2007 – Peter Mudie

2008 – Malcolm Potts

2009 – Basil Bryant

2010 – Gloria Quintal